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CEO, Rapper, Producer, engineer

Dr. Real

Dr. Real is CEO of SGT, SGT Records Label and SGT Records Recording Studios founded in 2004. He released many mixtapes, EPs, collaboration project and aims to release his very debut in winter 2024. 

Rapper, producer, engineer, ghostwriter


Raven is core member of SGT Records since it reunion back in 2009. He released his debut Mixtape in 2010, Životná Cesta. Then, along with Dr. Real as SGT they’ve released „Reinkarnácia EP“. Then, they released as SGT another project „Čiernobiela“ in 2015 and „Euthanasia“ alongside with Kemal, M.I.O. and Calypso back in 2017. Raven is calling for his comeback in 2024 with hard song „Svedomie“ released in April 2024.



Kemal is Rapper and part of SGT Records since 2015. He released 2 EPs and is about to release his debut album in late 2024. 

Rapper, Sound Engineer


Rapper and musician M.I.O. is part of SGT Family since 2016. He was featured on many song by SGT Records‘ members but still waiting to release his debut album.



New singer signed under SGT Records, Calypso, made her debut back in 2017 with her first feature on main song from SGT‘ Mixtape „Euthanasia“.